Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ghost Writer

The Guardian occasionally runs online poetry "workshops", in which guest poets provide lessons for readers who fancy themselves of a bardic persuasion. It's quite silly in the way writing workshops tend to be - a lot of "imagine you are a seagull" or "imagine you have something better to do than writing poetry" - but whatever, live and let live and all that. Today's workshop is by Esther Morgan. Quoth Esther: "Imagine you are a ghost". Well, why not:

I am a ghost

Ok, so I am a ghost
The ghost from Ghostbusters
Who in one particularly raucous scene
"Slimes" Bill Murray before eating a lot of hotdogs
Or at least I think it was hotdogs, maybe it was cigars
You'd think I'd know having seen the film a thousand times
Anyway, so that's the ghost I am
In the later cartoon series, The Real Ghostbusters
(As distinct from the little-known Filmation's Ghostbusters series
Which had nothing to do with the movie,
And featured a talking ape named Tracy,
But which apparently predates the film by a decade,
And so is technically the original "real" Ghostbusters)
The ghost that I am was known as Slimer
And was a kind of mascot or pet for the "real" Ghostbusters
One of whom (Peter Venkman, whom Bill Murray played in the film)
Was voiced by Dave Coulier
Also know as "Uncle Joey"
From tv's Full House
On which no ghosts were evident
Although there was something uncanny about John Stamos's hair
Anyway, so that's the ghost I am
And by now you've probably noticed something about ghosts
And that is that they are really crap at poetry
Or at least this one is
And oh, I'm fading away
My sins (eating cigars, possibly) having been atoned
I am now dissipating in the air
Like Dan Ackroyd's post-Ghostbusters career
Although Grosse Point Blank was pretty good
Anyway, gooood-byeeeee cruel world!


At 8:30 PM, Blogger Tim said...

Dear me, it's been a long day...

At 9:33 PM, Blogger TimT said...

Dear me, it's been a long time since I've heard someone say dear me.

At 8:00 AM, Blogger Tim said...

We're always saying things like that around here. It's quaint-chique. Oh do say you would like some Turkish Delight and a glass of Aunt Fanny's orange-ade? It's ever so delicious!

The word verification for this comment is "djbryce". I love his work, especially the "The Power of One (Louie the Fly Remix)".


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