Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Anagram Fun

Intersecting Lines:

Silencing Interest - perhaps a new motto?

Testicles reign inn - ditch the last 'n' and this is also known as "spontaneous feminization".

Nieces renting slit - a Footscray uncle's fondest dream.

Elect tigers in inns - because where else do you elect a tiger? Go on, tell me.

Linens entice gits - an important lesson for those of you with loose morals and Egyptian cotton sheets.

Enticing lesser tin - otherwise known as "fool's tin".

Generic tinsel nits - a common Christmastime pest.

Genetic lint sirens - Ever wondered how you just knew there was some fluff in your bellybutton?

Incense lingers tit - Think you'll be up for another round come morning? Stop your one-night stand from taking a taxi home but lighting up a few sticks of Sunflower Daydream.

Sir Glint Sentience - the android kiddy-fiddler.

Remainders: "erect gents", "Leninist gin".


At 7:29 PM, Blogger Tim said...

You know, that is fun.


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