Friday, January 27, 2006

Sci-Fi Waffle

For my inaugural post, I shall hereby furnish you, dear readers, with some links recently discovered, as many links are, via a tangled journey of clicking and scrolling. My literary proclivities are, during certain seasons, far more geeky than is probably healthy, and this being the case, I was in Border’s yesterday at the Jam Factory (prior to a cinema screening of Munich, which I heartily recommend unless you have a bladder less voluminous than my own), staggering about uselessly in an attempt to orient myself, as they have recently changed the store’s layout, and I perused the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section, picking up a copy of The Tank Lords by David Drake, but not before noticing a new Battlestar Galactica book by one Jeffrey A. Carver.

Carver’s book is a novelization of the story of the premiere mini-series of the “reimagined” Galactica, which is superior in all respects to any other spaceship show that has ever been on television. I had a look on Amazon to see what people had to say about this novelization, although I had already decided not to buy it, and was of course amused to find the author himself giving his effort five stars, and then linking to his blog. Naturally I went to the blog and didn’t read any of it except for something about his pet beagle and this post, wherein the author directs us to the Book A Minute SF/F website.

Unscrupulous readers will find this latter link a very useful resource for getting the gist of such unwieldy speculative works as Robert Jordan’s execrable Wheel of Time series, presently at just over 13,000 pages and still going, this being longer than the collected works of Proust or, indeed, the entire history of our very planet. Many of the précis are quite amusing and it’s a good waste of a few hours. For those a little more high-minded, there are also Book-a-Minutes of many classics, which have hardly any laser fights in them, and also “bedtime stories”, which aren’t very arousing at all.

If you’re looking for some decent sci-fi or fantasy, incidentally, Inchoatus is a good resource.


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