Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Johnny Depp is looking to buy the film rights to James Meek's Booker-longlisted The People's Act of Love. (Or, James Meek's "Siberian classic", as the Scotsman article has it. Can a book be considered a classic only five months after publication?) In a poorly-edited quotation, somebody named Brian Pendreigh reckons:
"There are two main roles one is Samarin, the Russian soldier, I presume that is the role that Johnny Depp would play. The other is Matula which could be played by Russell Crowe or perhaps Christopher Walken. The female character Anna Petrovna would be ideal for Keira Knightley."
I'd probably buy Depp as Samarin, but Crowe and Walken are way too old for Matula. The guy's supposed to be young, dashing and psychotic, not old, withered and psychotic. There is a difference.

(via Bookslut)


At 4:53 AM, Blogger Bud Parr said...

Thanks for the info, which I went and posted on too since I'm reading the book right now.

I came up with Ed Norton for Matula.


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