Monday, January 23, 2006

I'm very disappointed with Tom McCarthy's Remainder. After all the hype - underground hype, mind you, which is obviously to be preferred - I was all geared up to be let down by this supposed shining beacon of literary light. But what happens? The damn thing turns out to be bloody excellent! How can I be expected to run a cynical, snooty litblog when books like this actually live up to their criticial reputations? It's simply not fair, and I have a good mind to return the book to the publisher and ask them to replace it with something tedious and inadequate.

Seriously, though (he says with a cough and a straightening of his tie - yes, I wear a tie while blogging, what of it?) - seriously, though, I'm about halfway through Remainder and I am enjoying it immensely. If you would like to know more, I recommend these two reviews. I may knock out a review of my own when I'm done, or I may not. In any event, if you are interested in some stimulating modern fiction, why not order a copy of Remainder from Metronome Press? It'll cost you about AU$22, including air-freight - less than the price of a new book down at your local corporate bookstore. Plus you get to feel pretty cool when the parcel lobs in with its Paris postmark.


At 12:47 AM, Blogger Simon Smith and The Amazing Dancing Bear said...

Trouble with the Metronome edition is it's sold out - the excellent Remainder is now being Published by Alma Books ( in the UK.


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