Tuesday, December 13, 2005

We're told that short story writing has developed into a cottage industry, with every man and his talking parrot taking creative writing classes down at the local TAFE. We're also told that despite this growth in the number of practitioners, few people are actually reading short stories on a regular basis. Could it be that increasing write-by-numbers adult education combined with a general unwillingness to engage with innovative fiction has led to a glut of tedious, affected, formulaic short stories that nobody wants to read?

On a completely unrelated note, Ellen Rodger has won the 2005 Age short story competition for her story "The reasons for us being here".
JASMINA, BABE, AND I THINK you can make someone fall in love through touch. We think the right touch is love

"I'm lonely," the man says.

"There's no shame in being lonely," I say. "Only the beautiful have difficulty admitting they're lonely."

What. Ever.


At 7:59 PM, Blogger Keith said...

Gooday ##NAME##, I was surfing around and came accross your post on ##TITLE## quite by accident. Although it was not related to what I was searching for it somehow ads to ones list of lifes experiences.

I sometimes have a soft spot for blogs related to article authors and /or sites that have a central theme around article authors type items.

Once again ##NAME##, thank you for your post.


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