Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Underrated writers, as nominated by various lit-bloggers. Nobody asked me to contribute (probably because hardly anyone knows this blog exists), so here are my suggestions:
  • Ian McEwan - Never heard of him? Blame the snobbish, insular mainstream press who are determined to ignore this great writer while heaping praise on such middle-brow hacks as Thomas Bernhard and Eugene Ionesco.
  • Salman Rushdie - Has made some inroads into the literary scene with his fiction, but remains a reclusive figure. I'd really like to read what he thinks about, well, everything, but Rushdie is too shy to go around spouting opinions.
  • Bryce Courtney - A quiet achiever.
  • Matthew Reilly - An under-read young author whose work cuts to the very heart of the human condition.
  • James Joyce - When will he get the critical attention he deserves?


At 12:47 PM, Blogger Lucy Tartan said...

Hey, what have you got against Dan Brown?
A talent to watch.


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